Yemeni information minister rejects Saudi claims, says Riyadh is trying to justify attacks on Yemeni civilians

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Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah dismisses as ridiculous Saudi Arabia’s allegations about the group’s involvement in the Yemen conflict.
Hezbollah says the charges leveled by Riyadh are insignificant and don’t warrant a response. The Yemeni information minister has also rejected the claims, noting that Riyadh is trying to justify its attacks on civilians in Yemen. On Sunday, the spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition claimed that Hezbollah has been involved in what he called militarizing Sana’a airport against Saudi Arabia. The coalition has intensified its air raids on the war-ravaged country in recent weeks, prompting more retaliatory strikes from the Yemeni side. The escalation comes amid the Yemeni army’s achievements in liberating swathes of land from Saudi-backed militants.

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