U.S. and Russia voice pessimism before much-anticipated talks in Geneva

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In the hours ahead, senior diplomats from the United States and Russia will sit down for talks on issues straining their bilateral relations. But even before the meeting, both sides are voicing pessimism. Russia's envoy Sergey Ryabkov says he’s disappointed by the signals that the U-S and the European Union are sending before the talks in Geneva. He says the U-S is insistent on getting unilateral concessions from Russia, but that Moscow will not agree to any such concessions. And, the US secretary of state Antony Blinken says many of Moscow's proposals are simply non-starters. The Kremlin that is seeking a new security arrangement with the White House. The dispute over Ukraine will likely top the agenda. Also, arms control, human rights and conflicts around the globe will likely be brought up. The talks will be held on Sunday and Monday. A Russia-NATO meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.


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