Palestinian Health Ministry: Israeli forces killed over 350 Palestinians in 2021

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The Palestinian Health ministry says Israeli forces killed over three-hundred-and-fifty Palestinians in 2021 while injuring more than sixteen-thousand in the same period. 
The ministry says over two-hundred-and-sixty Palestinians were killed in the Gaza strip, mostly during the Israeli war on the enclave last May. The ministry says ninety Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, including the occupied East al-Quds. Among Palestinians killed last year, nearly ninety were children, sixty were women and twenty were elderly. Most of the injuries were also recorded in the Gaza strip during Israel’s 11-day aggression in May. Meanwhile, a separate report by the Palestinian Prisoners Society says Israel has detained over nine-thousand Palestinian children across the occupied territories since 20-15. The society says over one-hundred-and-sixty Palestinian children are currently doing time in Israeli jails. 

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