A glimpse into Iranian youth's mania for car-tuning

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Fast ...and furious; it's the biggest show of personal cars-turned-SUVs.
Held in Tehran's I-Land Karting Track, the event brought together more than 500 motorists to flaunt their modified cars.

Exhausts sound deeper, with flames popping out; Sound systems rattle the car roofs; And regular doors are replaced by butterfly doors opening upward. To these people, car tuning is more than a hobby, but a passion. Majid says he has spent double the price of this Peugeot 206 to turn it into a green beast.

Based on Iran's traffic regulations, drivers are not allowed to alter the original design of their cars.Installing loudspeakers and noisy exhaust systems and even attaching stickers are associated with fines.

Omid says he can't take this.

He has transformed this Iranian made car dubbed Runna into a whole new model, saying it looks better now on the street.

Car tuning encompasses any modification to a vehicle that would lead to a higher engine performance and dynamic handling of the car.

As long as these people stick to these rules, police will not have issues; otherwise, they must keep these beauties inside their parking lots.

However eyecatching they are, these mutated cars are no longer road pets and are good for drifting on tracks like this.

Organizers say that's exactly why they held this show to provide a chance for car tuning maniacs to vent their energy in a safe place.

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