Paris demo marks Nakba Day amid Abu Akleh murder outrage

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Demonstrators gathered in Paris to demand that Israel finally end its decades of horrific crimes against the Palestinians.

The entire world has been shocked by Israel’s recent assassination of star Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Abu Akleh was a household name in Palestine, reporting on the heroic resistance movement from “occupied Jerusalem”. She was murdered at the age 51, while covering yet another Israeli military raid in the West Bank.

The brutal slaying has provoked perhaps the largest display of Palestinian nationalism in Jerusalem in a generation. Tel Aviv responded by attacking mourners at her funeral, causing her pallbearers to drop her casket.

The funeral came two days before the 74th anniversary of Palestine’s Nakba, a word which means “catastrophe”.

In 1948 Israeli forces illegally drove nearly 800,000 Palestinians out of their homes and into camps, causing a deadly and horrific humanitarian disaster. Their only crime was living on land which Israelis wanted for themselves.

Today more than 1.5 million Palestinians live in refugee camps, while Gaza and the West Bank resemble Nazi-era concentration camps in many respects. While Ukrainian refugees have been given an unprecedented welcome by the European Union, Brussels, Paris and the West refuses to place any pressure on their ally Israel to respect the most basic human rights of Palestinians. Instead, they give Israel billions of dollars with no strings attached to buy even more bullets for Palestinian journalists, civilians and children.

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