US ready to ‘re-engage’ with parties to Iran nuclear deal: Biden

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US president, Joe Biden, says his administration is ready to re-engage in negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program with the signatories of the 2015 deal. The US president also reiterated his predecessor’s allegations against Iran, accusing the Islamic Republic of destabilizing activities in West Asia. Addressing the virtual Munich Security Conference, he also accused China of economic abuses, coercion and attempt to undermine the foundations of the international economic system. Biden then criticized his Russian counterpart, saying Vladimir Putin seeks to weaken the NATO alliance and transatlantic unity. Elsewhere in his remarks, the US president however noted that democracy is essential to overcome various global challenges, adding that fighting for and defending democracy is a must. This as former US president, Donald Trump has criticized the democratic process in his country, accusing Biden and his party of stealing the 20-20 presidential election.

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