Petrochemical industry | Bazaar

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This edition of Bazaar covers Iran's polymer industries-more specifically the PVC market and some of its related trades. Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in product development. In the past 100 years, its invention has changed the world as we know it. PVC is basically derived from salt and oil which are found in abundance in Iran. Iran has the capacity to produce around 60 million tonnes of petrochemical products. Last year, around 28 million tonnes of petrochemicals were produced. Of this amount, around eight million tonnes were domestically used and 20 million tonnes were exported. The majority petrochemical products domestically used goes to the PVC and polymer industry. Currently, over six million tonnes of polymer products are domestically produced each year. Half of the amount produced is exported with a value of three billion dollars. And, exports of products made from polymers in complimentary industries are valued at around 2 billion dollars. In total, right now Iran exports around 12 billion dollars’ worth of petrochemical and polymer products combined.

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