Cemeteries in Rome overflowing with coffins due to backlog in funerals

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Rome's cemeteries are running out of space to store coffins ahead of funerals as a back-log in services due to COVID-19 restrictions has slowed down the pace for burials. In a video obtained by Reuters on Friday (April 16), large refrigerated containers that cemetery workers said were holding dead bodies were seen outside the Prima Porta cemetery in the capital. These types of containers are usually only inside cemeteries, but with cemeteries around the city at full capacity, the surplus bodies are in the containers outside, cemetery workers said. As frustration grows over the lack of space to bury the dead, funeral home workers held a demonstration, laying funeral wreaths next to a Roman temple in the capital, with the words "we are sorry" written across them. "It cannot be possible that cemeteries do not receive the dead and that every few days we receive (from the cemeteries) the news that they are blocked, saying that the cemetery needs to be blocked because they do not

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