Israeli warplanes attack western Gaza City

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One more Gazan has been killed and another wounded as Israel keeps pounding the besieged Palestinian territory, using its warplanes and artillery units. The latest fatality occurred in the city of Jabalia. Earlier the regime’s tanks shelled a Palestinian government building and a factory. Warplanes also fired dozens of missiles overnight into different parts of the densely-populated Palestinian territory, causing deaths and devastation. At least 198 Gazans, including 58 children and 34 women, have been killed and nearly 1,300 injured since Israel began pounding Gaza last Monday. Forty-two Palestinians were killed on Sunday alone, the worst daily toll so far. The UN chief has described the escalation as "utterly appalling." Amnesty International has urged the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel’s attacks on a media and residential towers as well as a refugee camp as war crimes.

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