UN: Number of people killed in war on Yemen will surpass 377k by end of year

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The United Nations Development Program says the number of people killed in the Yemen conflict will surpass 377-thousand by the end of the year. 
The U-N agency says indirect factors, such as disease and starvation, are responsible for about two-thirds of the deaths. That means, fighting will have been the direct cause of death for more than 150-thousand people. According to the agency, a Yemeni child has died every nine minutes over the past year due to the conflict. It warns that the number of casualties will exceed 1-point-3 million by 20-30 if the war continues. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led war coalition has carried out fresh airstrikes on the capital Sana’a. Riyadh says they bombed a ballistic missile launch site but Yemeni sources say the strikes targeted residential areas. 

Hamza Shaiban
Yemeni Activist and Political Commentator

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