China warns U.S. against having any illusion about Taiwan

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China renewing warnings to the United States over Taiwan. Beijing says it has no room for compromise over the island, and Washington should NOT have any illusions about this.
The Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman says his country is willing to maintain cooperation with the U-S. But, he adds, the American side, for a period of time, has said a lot of what he calls irresponsible and provocative things on Taiwan. Wu Qian says China is opposed to the violation of its sovereignty and core interests, adding, the Taiwan issue is an especial one for Beijing. That’s because China views the island as its own territory. But, the U-S government has been irking Beijing by forging ties with Taipei through arms sales and official interactions. Beijing believes the U-S measures embolden Taiwan in its push for independence from China. 

Qinduo Xu
Senior Fellow, Pangoal Institution

Andrew K P Leung
International and Independent China Strategist



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