Sudanese once again hit streets to denounce last month's military takeover

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Tens of thousands of Sudanese have once again hit the streets to denounce last month’s military takeover and a recent deal that saw Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok reinstated after his ouster in the coup.
In the Capital Khartoum, security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters who were marching toward the presidential palace. Protesters chanted slogans, calling on the military to go back to their barracks. Similar rallies were also held in other cities. Last month, the military seized power and detained Hamdok and several members of his cabinet despite a 20-19 power-sharing deal with civilian leaders. But the military re-instated the premier in a deal they signed last week. Pro-democracy activists are opposed to any deal with the military, citing its deadly crackdown on protests. More than 40 protesters have been killed since the October 25 coup.

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